Cooperation Jackson Reading Group (Trenton/Central NJ)

First meeting: 11am, Monday, May 13, 2019, Trenton Library, Community Room B

Starting point: So many problems in our society? Causes of the problems? What can we do?

Excerpt from Cooperation Jackson web site (

Cooperation Jackson is an emerging vehicle for sustainable community development, economic democracy, and community ownership.

Our long term vision is to develop a cooperative network based in Jackson, Mississippi that will consist of four interconnected and interdependent institutions: a federation of local worker cooperatives, a cooperative incubator, a cooperative education and training center, and a cooperative bank or financial institution.

Cooperation Jackson’s basic theory of change is centered on the position that organizing and empowering the structurally under and unemployed sectors of the working class, particularly from Black and Latino communities, to build worker organized and owned cooperatives will be a catalyst for the democratization of our economy and society overall.

Cooperation Jackson believes that we can replace the current socio-economic system of exploitation, exclusion and the destruction of the environment with a proven democratic alternative. An alternative built on equity, cooperation, worker democracy, and environmental sustainability to provide meaningful living wage jobs, reduce racial inequities, and build community wealth. It is our position and experience, that when marginalized and excluded workers and communities are organized in democratic organizations and social movements they become a force capable of making transformative social advances.

Mission and Purpose including:

Solidarity economy includes a wide array of economic practices and initiatives that share common values – cooperation and sharing, social responsibility, sustainability, equity and justice. Instead of enforcing a culture of cutthroat competition, it builds cultures and communities of cooperation.

We look forward to working in solidarity with progressive forces throughout the country on this transformative project and encourage people to stand directly with us in this effort by joining or forming a Friends of Cooperation Jackson chapter in your area.

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