Mercer Free School

List of Activities

Here is a list of current (and future) activities. Please click the title to see more details of the activity (where available). If you are interested in participating in an activity, please sign up as specified for the activity (e.g., through the registration page, if applicable). If you are interested in participating in or facilitating any of the future activities (listed below the table), please contact the school so that we can schedule them in the future. If you can't find anything interesting, please request activities which you want to participate in and/or consider facilitating activities yourself.

Title Type Date / Time Location Inquiry
Status Note
Transform Your Debt into Wealth Workshop Sep. 17, 7:00-8:30pm WW Lib. form or call    
Better Speaker Series Workshop Mar. 23 & 30, 6:30-8:30pm
WW Lib. form or call    
Open Forum Forum TBA TBA form or call    
Happiness Self-guided
contact page    
Relationships Self-guided
contact page    

Other possible activities (preliminary/inactive): The 12 Principles, Bike Maintenance, Bridge [*available at Princeton Senior Resource Center: Tue, 1-4pm], Build a Shed, Calligraphy for Beginners, Chakras, Chinese Language, Computer Skills Exchange, Cooking Club, Food Gardening, Force Free Dog/Animal Training, Gluten-Free Living, Haiku, Homeschooling, Household Expenses, Household Troubleshooting, Hypermiling, Job Application, Kid & Parent Cooking, Kids Summer Free School, Leadership, Meditation Group, Mushroom Hunting (requested), Music Reading, Parenting Magical, Parents & Educators, Pet Nutrition, Photography (requested), Poetry, Public Speaking, Self Publishing, Small Business, Sushi Cooking, Table Tennis [*available at Princeton Senior Resource Center: Mon, Wed, Fri at 10:30am], TerraCycle, Writer's Workshop (requested)

Disclaimer: Permission to use the community rooms/space does not imply library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or program.

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